Commercialization strategy for a leading digital health startup
Digital problem solving

Identifying ‘blue ocean’ revenue opportunities, which were rapidly validated with end customers.


A MedTech start-up wanted to pivot their strategy and redomicile in the US to seize new growth opportunities. They faced a number of issues, and needed a new business and commercialization strategy in order to seize new revenue streams and grow.

What should be the new commercialization and scale out plan as the next stage of business evolution and how do we execute?


A six-week Phase 0 challenged conventional wisdom by identifying new revenue streams as a pillar of the new commercialization strategy, which received Board approval. An eight week Phase 1 led to validation of a new revenue stream with end-customers through kinetic prototypes, which supported US investor presentation communications and pricing models. The Phase 1 also identified new digital and commercial capabilities required within the organization. A new detailed business plan, with prioritized financial activities, was developed to guide simulation and decision making going forward.


  • Board approved strategy for commercialisation and scale out
  • New commercialisation strategy validated through US investors and customer feedback
  • Working kinetic prototype of e-commerce portal to seek customer feedback and validated learnings
  • Enabling technology solution architecture design to identify, acquire and retain customers
  • New pricing, revenue and cost model to inform decision making