Digital tool for supervision of private preschools
Public services

Developing a digital tool to reduce administrative time, improve efficiency and increase quality of the analysis.


The client aimed to develop a digital tool to simplify the supervision process of preschools. The earlier approach had been a manual process to collect, screen and analyze a scanned survey answer from the preschool.


The client expected that the new digital tool could reduce administrative time, improve efficiency and increase the quality of the analysis.    


  • IT development and deployment: agile management and execution of tests (including design and performance tests)
  • Benefits measurement: design and implement criteria and methods to measure the benefits per key stakeholder
  • Transition from line organization to management organization: support the transition of the digital tool from the project to the governing organization according to the PM3 governance model 
  • Project management: design and operate an effective project management structure, including recurring meetings and documents 


  • The users from both the education department and preschools experienced the benefits of the new digital tool. Compared with the earlier process,  
  • 66% of administrative time used for the supervision process in the education department was saved by using the digital tool 
  • Better quality of data and more advanced analysis were achieved by using the digital tool 
  • The majority of users from preschools thought that it was easier to use the digital tool and were pleased with the new functions