Innovating innovation for a global sustainable technology company
Digital problem solving

Equipping 1,600 employees across four global business units and 20 geographies, for the first time, with a unified solution to manage $250m R&D portfolio


A FTSE 100 company lacked the management information to inform global innovation investment decisions. Basic tools constrained in terms of functionality and data quality, whereas specialized tools were costly and too complex.

Which technology and process solution would best support full implementation of innovation management?


  • Global workshops across multiple business units to understand current usage, ways of working and key issues
  • Persona led technology assessments and the identification of Jobs to be Done
  • Tool down select from 50 to a preferred supplier through an active demo led procurement process
  • Smart stitch options identified to fill capability gaps in technology and process
  • Global rollout and training


  • 1600 employees across 20 geographies and 4 business units rolled out to
  • Tool recommendation and supporting business case approved by the Executive
  • Enabling technical solution and smart stitch components implemented